360 Degree Spill Bowl

About This Product – The design is distinctive and lovely, resembling that of the planet Saturn. Kids find it more appealing because of the brilliant colours.

  • Innovative Anti-Spill Youngsters Bowl: For kids, spilling their food is a fun pastime. All of these parents are saved by the No Spill bowl, which is a fantastic way to protect the food from all of the fussy and picky eaters. The inner bowl’s distinctive motion spins through 360 degrees and helps to contain spill-prone dry food. It has three hollow handles that make it simple to hold and carry. It also has a top to keep the food inside.

  • The bowl is composed of 100% food-grade PP and is BPA free. Premium PP Material is Sturdy & Safe. The 360 Degree No Spill Bowl is robust and won’t chip, crack, discolour, or break. Additionally, it doesn’t alter the type of food you keep in the bowl.

  • Independent Kid: Returns to the normal position regardless of twisting, tilting, or attempts to turn the bowl. This trait makes it simple to teach a baby to eat on their own without assistance from an adult.

  • The 360 Degree No Spill bowl is simply detachable and quick to instal, making cleanup a breeze.