Dust Removing Gel

About This Product – Simply press the car vent cleaner against the dust surface and slowly pull out the car cleaning gel to remove the dirt.

  • Cleaning gel is ideal for getting into the nooks and crannies of your car or truck. Car gel cleaner is excellent for cleaning the vents and small crevices on the car air vents, steering wheels, console panel, storage bins, cup holders, door handles, and dashboards.

  • When you insert car detailing tools into any small cracks, the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also use the laptop cleaner to clean the keyboard surface and then slowly pull out the car gel cleaner; the dust will be carried away with the keyboard cleaner.

  • The car cleaning gel is made of biodegradable gel material and has a pleasant lavender fragrance. Cleaning glue for cars is both safe for your skin and environmentally friendly. Cleaning paste removes all dust and debris while leaving no residue.