Dustpan For Floor Cleaning

About This Product

Locking and Upstanding Plan

Dustpan secures in vacant situation for simple cleaning and discharging, and brush snaps into dustpan for upstanding, minimized capacity. The long handle dustpan has an enormous limit, which forestall trash and dusty from dropping.

Eco-accommodating and Safe

ew Upgraded four-row bristles design, made of high-toughness PET brushes which is softer and durable. The dust pan with long handle broom is made of Eco-friendly PP and high quality stainless steel. All materials are environmentally friendly and safe.

Self-Cleaning Dustpan Teeth

Highlights a spatula and a brush/teeth on the residue dish that to brush out the pet hair and human hair from brush bristles without any problem. The brush set with teeth configuration clear out soil and residue effectively, causing your cleaning to turn out to be simple and agreeable!