Heavy Furniture Mover Lifter

About This Product – made with a sturdy steel body, a spray handle made of PVC plastic, and a non-slip design. ABS plastic is used to make the four filling rollers.

  • Safety Engineering Foot pads that can rotate 360 degrees and are firmly fixed to the feet of equipment and furniture. Ideal for couches, bookcases, tables, chairs, mattresses, pianos, washers, dryers, and refrigerators, among other items.

  • Instructions for Moving Heavy Furniture: Place the lifter under the furniture and raise it to a height of 2 inches. After that, push the 4 rollers into the corners of the furniture. You can carry furniture or large objects with ease because it can support 150 KG/330 pounds of weight.

  • To prevent the furniture from tipping, you must elevate it 0.2 inches off the ground such that the furniture lifter is below the furniture and your feet cannot be higher than 0.5 inches/1.3 cm. On carpet, not simple to utilise.
  • Low Profile Design: Furniture of various sizes can be moved more easily with low profile design. Each triangular moving dolly has three foam anti-slip pads for greater grip and furniture protection.

  • Without hesitation, redesign and clean your living room. It can be used on carpet, laminate, and hardwood floors. to move any heavy furniture in your home, including desks, mattresses, sofas, bookcases, pianos, refrigerators, and others, whenever you want.

  • By using a furniture lifter tool, you can move your furniture with less effort. You can transport and lift your bulky appliances and furnishings with ease thanks to ergonomic design.
  • These wheeled furniture sliders are extremely durable and risk-free for shifting furniture. The right furniture moving tools will prevent scratches and damage to carpet, laminate, and hard wood surfaces.

  • Additionally, it will be a fantastic cleaning assistant for you.

  • An effective lifter and mover for big furniture, the heavy furniture lifter mover tool set is silent.

  • High quality: The lifter has a sturdy steel body and an anti-slip pvc plastic spray handle, and the four wheel rollers are constructed of ABS plastic.