Plastic Towel Hook Handle

About This Product –

  • Each snare can pivot 360â°, so you can drape various things on each snare and afterward turn it to find what you need for a more helpful encounter

  • Appropriate for room, parlor, kitchen, restroom, etc.Organizes cooking tool, knifes and kitchen adornments across the board rack.

  • Reasonable for Different Surfaces: Broadly utilized on various surfaces, similar to Blocks, Glass, Metal, Wood entryway, Board, Metal, Pure take, particularly extraordinary for hanging shower or shower extras in a restroom or cooking wares and devices on a tile backsplash.

  • The most effective method to utilize: first wipe the wall, then, at that point, tear the glue, take advantage of the wall and press it, lastly embed the turning snare. Mounting Type: Wall Mount