Shower Handle For Bathtubs

About This Product

  • simple to utilize Rock solid Shower Handle you get just what you really want, quality and dependable strength in a simple to utilize plan

  • Step by step instructions to Utilize: These snatch bars are Just to be utilized on smooth dry and clean surfaces. Ensure all surfaces are completely dry before establishment. Make a point to test the pull before use to stay away from injury. Really look at the solidness and the pull of the bars occasionally .These bars are made Exclusively to Help and to appropriately uphold a human body, and NOT to stand or sit or uphold full body weight. Snatch bars for baths and showers,suction get bars for showers.

  • Simple TO Introduce: Our bath security bar utilizes 2 attractions cups with locking hooks. They permit you to mount the bar any place you need rapidly and easily. The locking hooks have a variety marker that shows you in the event that they are appropriately fixed. The establishment requires no unique instruments or penetrating and requires only seconds to join. The hard core get bar must be introduced on non-permeable and level surfaces like tile, glass, acrylic, and metal.