Car Wash Brush, Car Cleaning Kit

About This Product

  • he brush can pivot 360° without help from anyone else under the high tension drive of water watt additional power, and change the water power you really want by turning the three-position valve.
  • Aquatic washed and water apportioning: Put into the dissolvable pot to aquatically foam up, making your cleaning more issue free.
  • Wear-safe fibers: The fibers are made of chenille woven, tight and soothingly delicate, which won’t hurt the vehicle’s paint.
  • Agreeable handle: Ergonomically planned non-slip handle, agreeable grasp, accommodates your hand.
  • Separable and extendable: Adaptable vehicle wash mop bar, simple to dissemble and collect, which incorporates a few expansions that can assist you with cleaning various levels and degrees, rooftop can likewise be effortlessly cleaned..

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