Vegetable Cutter

About This Product – Cutting and cleaning, quick and easy spinning, automatic rotation angle, stable basket, easy to clean and drain vegetables Smart and elegant design for simple operation. Reduce waste by incorporating finger

  • The table will not be scratched by skid stability, ventilation, or ventilation. The cutting cover can be easily removed for use.

  • Hang it by the handle on the pan holder to save cabinet space. After use, all cutters can be safely stored in the cutters storage box, which is very safe, convenient, and time saving. Avoid losing or damaging any cutters.

  • Vegetables can be cut and cleaned directly through a drainage device. Salad preparation

  • Cut and wash, simple and quick, rotating buckle, automatic rotation Angle, asphalt basket is always stable, easy to wash vegetable and drainage.

  • You can use a different knife head depending on your needs to make cooking more convenient.